Music Saves Lives (vinyl)

How does Music Save Lives? Watch these videos and find out.

Governor Huckabee at the inaugural MNSi Speaker Series

Must Watch TV:
Ken Robinson at TED (for best viewing, paradigm shift required).

Mozambique: Teaching Sustainable Development
Feliciano dos Santos is the 2008 winner of the Goldman Prize in Africa. Read the story and watch the video to see how he uses music to teach people about sanitation and the importance of clean water.

USA: NOLA Knows Best
While everyone tries to “save” New Orleans, we need New Orleans to save us. NOLA’s cultural wisdom lives strong through this Music Mentors program. PeaceLabs says, Listen Up:

Venezuela: El Sistema

Watch this video and read the story of El Sistema in Venezuela.

USA: Edwards Middle School

See how intensive music and arts programming builds creativity, community, confidence and success at Edwards Middle School in Boston, MA: