Friday, Aug 26 2011 Dance Party Fundraiser for MNS

posted by PeaceLabs on August 10, 2011

Dance Party Flyer Friday August 26 – 9pm til the music stops

come kick it and dance with us

DJ Kap10 at Club Waziema
543 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

Come support and learn about the benefits of music in schools, children’s and veterans hospitals, hospice centers and other community settings

$5 – $20 sliding scale admission



Donate to The Center for Music National Service!

Donate online at

Or make a donation by mailing a personal check made payable to:

The Center for Music National Service
3254 19th Street
Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

Thank you for your support!

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Help MusicianCorps Win $250k – Vote!

posted by PeaceLabs on March 8, 2010

Vote for MNS during March

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TIME Mag: Can Music Save Cuba?

posted by Kiff Gallagher on December 28, 2008

“…change is coming to Cuba, and if the island is going to preserve its identity, it will need its music more than ever.”

The Sound of Change: Can Music Save Cuba?

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Music Therapy Featured in the Washington Post

posted by Kiff Gallagher on

From the Washington Post December 23, 2008:

Hitting the Right Notes To Aid the Ill


Loeb, who has practiced at Howard County General Hospital, stresses that the “live human touch” is essential and can’t be matched by a CD or tape. “It’s important for us to be able to watch the patient and react musically. We look at how they’re breathing, at their facial muscles to see how relaxed they are, to know if we have to change the key, the rhythm, the melody.”

She believes the music has an immediate impact: “You can see on the cardiac monitor the oxygen level creep its way up to 100 percent,” she says, “because the music is relaxing them so that when they’re breathing they’re oxygenating their tissues better.

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Economist Special Cover Story: Music and Evolution

posted by Kiff Gallagher on December 21, 2008

Let there be no doubt that a global music education, engagement and service zeitgeist is well underway. It gives me the chills actually.

Anyway, if best selling books by Daniel Levitan, Oliver Sacks and others hadn’t already signaled that scientists (neuro, social, evolutionary, etc) are fully engaged in the quest to articulate why music is powerful and important as well, The Economist piece will put that to rest.

It’s time to open, strengthen and expand a new channel of civic engagement through music – music volunteerism, music mentoring, music service. This is as much about social justice, youth and community development as it is about arts education. Please support the Music National Service Initiative. Thank you.

One tasty morsel from the Economist: The average American teenager spends 1½-2½ hours a day—an eighth of his waking life—listening to music.

And here’s what my Dad said in an when I flipped him the article:

Your link doesn’t seem to work but I had seen the piece in the Economist. 

I must say that until now I had applied my masturbatory music metaphors to George Winston, (and occasionally Keith Jarret), but I see now that it casts a much broader net.

Notwithstanding the piece’s distracting allusion to such solitary activity, as between humanity’s two most basic drives; the competitive survival of our selves and the necessarily collaborative survival of our species, it is especially fitting for you and MNSI, that this article places music’s Darwinian role squarely within the latter. xo, dad

(is my dad cool or what?)



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In Response to Inquiries After the NPR Piece

posted by Kiff Gallagher on December 15, 2008


I sent this out late last night to the many extremely talented and experienced folks who ahve contacted us since the NPR story aired:

Dear Friends of MusicianCorps,
Thank you for contacting us. We’ve been blown away by the widespread, grassroots response to NPR’s recent story on “All Things Considered” (“MusicianCorps May Strike Right Tone for Obama:” 
SInce last week, we’ve heard from hundreds of talented and committed people from across the nation and all walks of life –– musicians and artists, Peace Corps and AmeriCorps volunteers, current and retired public school teachers, creative arts therapists, college students, and more –– who believe that MusicianCorps can change lives and the world for the better.
While we haven’t been able to respond to most of you individually yet, I wanted to let you know that I, or someone on our team, will be in touch soon. Thank you again for your inspiring stories and encouragement; we look forward to working together to make Music National Service a reality in America.
Kiff Gallagher
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NPR’s All Things…Strikes a Chord

posted by Kiff Gallagher on December 10, 2008

People from all over are pouring in to help and be a part of the music public service movement after hearing this piece on NPR, ATC called, “MusicianCorps May Strike Right Tone For Obama

MNSi crew is working on getting back to everyone…and channeling the energy to make and Artist Corps happen!

We opened up a new channel to discuss the Artist Corps issue at ImaginArtists here:

join the convo there.

peace, thanks, kiff

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214 Grants, 1 Headline: Hewlett Fdn Announces MusicianCorps Investment

posted by Kiff Gallagher on December 4, 2008

Thank you Hewlett for believing. The headline.

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Talya’s Freddie Mac, Cheese & Boyfriend

posted by Kiff Gallagher on

Here’s MNSi volunteer Talya Liberman making her NYT, Freakonomics debut, with her man, Pavle (yes, that’s: “Talya and Pavle”). Check it out.


Totally cool you guys : )

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MNSi talks arts ed w pros on artsjournal blog…

posted by Kiff Gallagher on November 30, 2008

Live, Dec 1-5, it’s (drumroll…) “the value of arts in america!”:

Featuring bloggersSam Hope, executive director, The National Office for Arts Accreditation (NOAA); Jack Lew, Global University Relations Manager for Art Talent at EA; Laura Zakaras, RAND; James Cuno, Director, Art Institute of Chicago; Richard Kessler, Executive Director, Center for Arts Education; Eric Booth, Actor; Midori, Violinist; Bau Graves, Executive director, Old Town School of Folk Music; Kiff Gallagher, Music National Service Initiative Founder; Bennett Reimer, Founder of the Center for the Study of Education and the Musical Experience, author of A Philosophy of Music EducationEdward Pauly, the director of research and evaluation at the Wallace Foundation; Moy Eng, Program Director of the Performing Arts Program at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; John Rockwell, critic; Susan Sclafani, Managing Director, Chartwell Education Group;Jane Remer, Author, Educator, ResearcherMichael Hinojosa, General Superintendent, Dallas Independent School District Peter Sellars, director

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